How to plan a website?

How to plan a website?

The short answer:

  • Set goals
  • Know your brand
  • Establish budget
  • Write keyword-rich text (copy)

Plan a website by establishing S.M.A.R.T Goals

Once you have a good idea on specific and realistic goals you want to achieve it is worth to consult digital agency or a web design specialist. Suggestions they can make could save you a lot of time.

Business Core Values important in website design

Knowing your brand means knowing your core values. These could include being eco-friendly, competitive or trust-worthy. It helps to know your company well before you introduce it to the world, right?

Check out competition landscape..

Have a look around. Search for your competitor online. What would you improve on their website? Which functionality would be important to include on your website? How your website can stand out?

Establish realistic budget

You know your S.M.A.R.T Goals and set deadlines and you are now ready to establish budget for your website.
The more functionality you include in your website the more expensive it could become. Some essential functionality may include:
  • feedback, newsletter or contact form
  • pop up message
  • eCommerce
  • online survey
  • calculators
  • questionnaires
Things which make quality websites more expensive to build you can work on:
  • too much text for your website
  • too little text for your website
  • surveys on your website
  • online shop website design
  • making it bespoke
  • having web design done quickly
Our basic package starts at £900, but we do recommend upgrading to have text for your website written by our team. To see how much your website will cost complete survey below.

Know what, where and who of your brand and website.

There is many ways your website speaks to your audience. Through images, videos and of course copy. But what really matters is the message you are trying to put out there. Are you passionate about your eco-friendly product range? Or maybe you have an ambition to open your own cake company in North London? Whatever your passion is your website should reflect that passion and drive you have to succeed.

The words you use…

Writing key-word copy is essential, for better SEO. Our experienced team can draft keyword rich copy, based on other information you provided. We can also search quality stock images and icons, suitable for your industry or niche.

Examples of
Letting Homes website on ipad – branded content
Website design – branderbee
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Website design – QCC

Find help on other topics, such as ‘web design’, ‘logo’ or ‘tools’

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