3 Signs of a Great Logo

1. A good logo needs to scale well…

It needs to look as good on the screen (e.i. website, facebook) as in print (e.i. business cards or billboards). Vector graphics, such as logo designs keep high quality in any size. They are made out of shapes connected with dots (vectors). This is why your designer or print company may ask for .ai extensions, at the end of the logo files you send.
Of course, it matters how your logo looks. It should very much reflect your brand core values. These could include being eco-friendly, competitive or trust-worthy. It helps to know your company well before you introduce it to the world, right?
When you are working with your logo designer it is always worth to provide a reference such as your own concept drawing, benchmark examples of other logo designs. 
Let your customers, clients and competitors see your logo
Once you pick the design – remember, the logo is there to be seen. This means you have to create brand assets, using your logo design. Brand assets may include:
  • branded content
  • stationery/business cards
  • website design
  • social media profiles
  • internal documents
  • billboards and printed ads
  • digital ads
It pays off to choose a design agency who can quickly nail your brief and deliver quality logo designs. At Branderbee we also like to offer improvement suggestions on things like bringing traffic to your website and other essential areas of marketing. If you’d like to speak with us feel free to get in touch.

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