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Images for Web Crash Course

There are free stock libraries such as Pexels and PixaBay but for larger choice try adobe stock (monthly subscription-fee).

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Source the images.

Before you start designing your new website It is vital you prepare all the images. You could use stock photography websites to source your images but also add your own.

Some other (free) libraries are here:

You can find the best quality images on Adobe stock:

Download the ones you like and mix in with your own photos if you have them.

Create the following folders:

  • Stock images (there are free stock libraries such as Pexels and PixaBay but for larger choice try adobe stock (monthly subscription-fee)

  • Gallery images (all the project pictures or other images you think would help sell your service)

  • Feature images (images which could visually describe what you do/ sell)

  • company logos (all the logos not only your company logos)

  • list of your social media links and details of your company


Website Images

  1. Browse image libraries.
  2. Title your images properly.
  3. Edit to enhance or delegate editing.
  4. Be mindful of the image sizes.


Need Help?

Our experienced team of graphic designers will help you find and edit images right for your target audience.

Keep it organised.

Proper naming of your images will not only help you work with them later on but also boost your SEO. Come up with descriptive names for your files such as: ‘protein-shake-close-up.jpg’ or ‘athlete-profile’. 

Create a folder on your cloud where you will upload all the images you want to use on your website.

You don’t want them too big or too small. For example, a photo beyond 2000px in size would be very large and better edited to smaller size before uploading. A photo below size 500px would be small and may become pixelated if you choose to enlarge it further. You can look up image size on most computers by right-clicking the mouse.


Get them ready.

Sometimes the images need a little editing. Making photos brighter, cropping or resizing could be required to make the best out of your images. This can be laborious work, especially if you have many images or you are not an experienced editor. 

You may want to ask a professional to help with that to save yourself time, especially if you feel your photos need it.

If you are feeling brave you can try editing yourself. Canva is an easy to use online tool. For more advanced editing you could try Photoshop.

Vitals about Canva video:

Play Video

.png, .jpg, .psd, .ai

These are frequently used extensions for an image file (placed at the end of the title file).

  • .png could have a transparent background which is useful if you want to edit the background colour via the website

  • .jpg is the most used extension for a photo or picture file

  • .psd is an extension for Photoshop files

  • .ai is for Adobe Illustrator (carries vector graphics)

Other graphics.

You will find a good choice of fonts and icons available to use throughout your website for free. But you could also purchase sets of icons and illustrations from websites such as

If you need help with copywriting or would like us to do it for you call now: + 44 (0)7513 633 470

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