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Elevating Personal Brand on Linkedin

Unlock your LinkedIn potential with 'Elevating Personal Brand' video, offering strategic insights to enhance visibility..

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Let’s have a closer look:

In the last 3 months I doubled my Linkedin following, gaining 832 new followers (that is nearly 300 new followers every month!). I hit all my revenue targets (on my way to doubling revenue from last year).

Here’s how you can do the same:

1. Optimize Your Profile

As a founder you need to take control of your personal brand. Especially if you are operating in creative services. In 2024 this is easier than ever before.

To start growing on LinkedIn your first task is cleaning up your profile:

→ Turn on Creator Mode
→ Clear Tagline
→ Headshot
→ Banner Image
→ About Section
→ Featured Section

→ Creator Mode:
99% of LinkedIn users are consumers.
Only 1% are creators. Turn the feature on to stand out.

→ Clear Tagline:
Let everyone know:
– Who you are
– What you’re working on
– What they should expect by following you

→ Headshot:
You want to ensure you look clean, competent, and confident.

→ Banner Image:
The first thing a visitor to your profile sees. Promote:
A newsletter/ Your website/ The service you offer/ A project you’re working on

→ About Section:
Highlight your: Wins, Accolades, Accomplishments

→ Featured Section:
Plug your other content like: Podcasts/ Newsletters/ Digital Products/ YouTube Channels

→ Bonus tip:
Network With Other Creators. Networking is huge on LinkedIn.


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