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Why Website is Not Enough?

Everything you need to build, launch and run a profitable website starts here. Discover what it takes and how it's done..

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What happens when people launch websites?

After the initial influx of visitors, the traffic drops and the owner realizes they have no way of attracting new visitors that could become customers.

One of the most common and costly mistakes people make is focusing on building a website that has the WOW factor. 

The hard truth is, even the best website in the world will not help your business if nobody gets to see it.

In order for your website to become profitable you need to create:

  • Plan of action

    Establish how the website will support your business, list features and content.

  • Magnetic Content

    Create the content that ranks high in Google and that your customers love.

  • Perfect Platform

    Pick the platform to host your site that includes the right set of marketing tools.

  • Great Design

    Create a user-friendly design that you can edit yourself and grow with time.

  • Marketing Plan

    Establish the plan, that attracts new customers, with clearly defined goals.

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Let’s have a closer look:


  • Pick MUST have and NICE have features, that will delight your target audience (and help you do business), Submitting a Brief HERE makes this super-easy.

  • Decide how this website supports your business or sales of your products/services (for example: facilitates the sale, captures emails, generates new leads)

  • Pick a platform that meets your needs and includes the right set of marketing tools (look for  balance between tools available and cost of use), – Download Feature comparison list HERE

  • Clearly define your website goals (number of emails you want captured every month, number of downloads, sales, bookings). To better understand your website’s impact on revenue you can read the comment under this Linkedin Post.

  • Create at least simple marketing plan, with clearly defined goals (no. of followers on socials you are going after, level of traffic from specific platform you aim to bring, traffic from paid adverts you anticipate),

  • A system of checking if the goals are being achieved (what stats will you be checking? How often?)

  • A system of iterating your site so that it can delight users and keep attracting new visitors (how will you get feedback on what’s working and what is not? who will edit the site?)

  • Regularly update the website with content that attracts new visitors (plan what this content could be),

  • Ensure it is well maintained (nobody likes to watch the swirly thing loading a page for hours),

If you do this, you will be ahead of 90% of small businesses launching websites.


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