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in person learning

Gain Clarity

Present Your circumstance and
identify critical issues

In person learning

Gain Clarity

Present Your circumstance and identify critical issues

1:1 Discovery ZOOM (FREE)

Let's meet to evaluate your online presence objectively and explore ways I can assist you in attracting more clients and boosting revenue.

✅ Present your circumstance
✅ Identify critical marketing issues
✅ Get advise on resolving key problems
✅ Start manifesting website into existence
✅ Receive call recording, resource and next steps


A focused session where we kickstart building your personal brand and crafting a tailored marketing strategy using my proven method.

✅ Validate your business
✅ Become the go to expert
✅ Create new income streams
✅ Setup sale funnel that works

Speaker Invite

Invite me to speak at your events on marketing and web design, join discussion panels, or record webinars! I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering startups and micro-business founders to build profitable 6-figure businesses and websites.

Invite me to your event

Join the 2,5k+ people who follow me on linkedin

Join me on my daily journey where i share fresH insights, innovative strategies, and proven techniques to help your business thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Follow on LinkedIn

What’s foggy?

Learn the exact strategy I use to build my audience of 4,000+ followers that converts 5-12 inbound leads/month.

Create new income streams.
Setup sale funnel that works.
Use my template to win proposals.

Make a compelling first impression and build a site that not only looks good but also sells your services.

Resources Hub

Why Website is Not Enough?

Everything you need to build, launch and run a profitable website starts here. Discover what it takes and how it's done..

How to Achieve Results


Get this eBook and complete exercises at the end of each chapter.


More robust way to learn – 12 week program with video lessons and templates

use code: WINE3INTRO
And pay only £29.99/mo
for 3 months. 

No Payment required!

learn with me

Work with me 1:1 and learn the exact strategy I use daily to build my audience of 4,000+ followers with 200,000+ impressions that converts 5-12 inbound leads per month.

I’ll teach you how to become a go-to expert and fuel revenue growth to your company.

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